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Press Statement-Uganda’s open Budget survey results show a decline in budget transparency in 2019. Read More here

26 June, 2020  Filed Under: 

Tax Amendments For Fy 2020/21

Tax Amendments for FY 2020/21. Read More here

CSO position paper on Gender Bsed Violence on MPS FY 2020/21. Read More here

Compliance of National and Sector Budget Framework Papers to Gender and Equity Requirements for FY 2020/21. Read More here

Press Statement-CSOs call to Govt to urgently review the FY2020/21 National Budget in response to COVID-19 Economic Recovery. Read More Read More…

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The Citizens Guide To The Budget Fy 2020-21

The Citizens Guide To The Budget FY 2020-21 is a document simplified to enable the general public understand the budget. Read More…

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National Budget Speech Fy 2020/21

Budget Speech FY 2020/21-Stimulating the Economy to safeguard Livelihoods, Jobs, Businesses and Industrial Recovery. Read More here

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10 Quick Facts About The Fy 2020/21 Budget

10 Quick Facts about the FY 2020/21 Budget. Read More here

Ugandas Public Finance Management Compliance Index for FY 2016/17.An assessment of Government of Ugandas adherence to the Public Finance Management Read More…

Decisions Parliament of Uganda made on FY 2020/21 Budget amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Effects. Read More here

Practices and Experiences of Downward Accountability in Uganda. Read More here

What are the emerging challenges in Local Governments regarding the decentralised payroll reforms during the COVID-19 pandemic?Read More here

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