News Updates

Cabinet agreed that the money be used for infrastructure development of seed schools

There is need for government to provide more learning aids for the People with Disabilities

Kween district does not have an ambulance and Napak does not have a health center IV

There is need for these three Govt documents to be in alignment with one another

China might take away our assets because the rate we are falling in love with them is worrying

Local Government funding has reduced but there are expenditure items that cannot be disaggregated

Total budget allocation to Local Governments has increased to 32.5% from approximately 15%

In the future, we demand open discussion on tax policy. We all need to be engaged in this process

We try our best when it comes to preparedness for disasters, but there are budgetary ceilings

This rationalization process is purely a technical one, politics should not stand in its way

Quantify all the disasters and group them for budgeting purposes. Otherwise, without it, you are wasting time

We use a lot of money responding to disasters instead of spending on preparedness and mitigation

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