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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 443

Increase budget for pest control and extension workers, CSOs ask Government

Shs8bn is required to support research in vaccine production for livestock disease control but no allocation is proposed in the ...
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thumbnail of CSBAG BUDGET NEWS 342ND Edition

Government allocates Shs8trillion towards debt repayment

Repayment of principal for domestic debt is always rolled over that is, government issues more debt ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 341

Ford Foundation VP lauds CSOs on budget transparency, accountability

The question of accountability cant be underestimated and CSOs should ensure that the Government is responsive to the issues they ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 339

Finance ministry directs local government officials to issue quarterly releases

We are going to take on that beginning next financial year, Local Governments to issue quarterly releases to the public ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 340

Civil Society demands review of SAGE programme, civil servants salaries

When it comes to GBV cases, the police and the ministry of gender have different statistics, it is high time ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 338

Concerns of persistent drug stock-outs, low health supplies raised by CSOs

We also reiterate our call to government to operationalize the HIV/AIDS trust fund that can help to bridge the funding ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 337

Civil Society highlight education sector issues, decry wasteful expenditure

School feeding is a very important issue. There is need for sensitization of head teachers so that students are not ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 335

Civil Society tasks Govt on citizens involvement, transparency in budgeting process

Strides have been made to improve transparency and these include operation of the budget website and quarterly releases where CSBAG ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 333rd

CSOs, MPs ask Government to invest in disaster preparedness to reduce flood incidents

Scientific research indicates that if government invests $1 in disaster preparedness, it saves at least $8 in the long run ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 331

Finance Ministry to engage with CSOs for effectiveness at service delivery units

"While enrollment of pupils in schools increased, there was a general decline in water, sanitation, and hygiene practices ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 329

Civil Society asks for citizens involvement in the auditing process

We have seen the Auditor General reporting the same things over the years; we need to involve the public so ...
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thumbnail of NEWS UPDATE – 327(1)

Civil Society to petition Parliament over management of drugs

We would like to know the total cost in monetary terms, required to destroy these expired drugs with a clear ...
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