Citizens Push For UGX 105m For Buseta Health Centre Ward

The health centre was faced with several challenges including lack of a maternity ward, and limited accommodation facilities for in patients due to slow paced construction of the General ward yet UGX 45m in FY 2012/13 had been allocated for its first phase of construction.

Following the training of 20 Participatory Budget Club (PBCs) members of Buseta sub-county in community budget monitoring and service delivery tracking, CSBAG in July 2013 facilitated the group to monitor the state of service delivery at the health centre. During the monitoring visit,the PBCs interviewed Ms. Mugala Jackline, the health facility in- charge who informed the PBCs of the aforementioned challenges and they organized a community planning meeting and budget dialogues to develop an alternative citizens’ report for Buseta HCIII. This citizens’ report called for increased district budgetary allocation towards the construction of the General Ward to accelerate its completion; in order to cater for more patients.

During the community interface meetings with duty bearers, this report was presented to district and sub-county leaders who committed to prioritizing the construction of the ward in the district budget allocations. Persistent engagement with duty bearers and strategic follow up at the district office by the PBCs has resulted in increased funding for the construction of the ward amounting to UGX 105 m over 3 financial years(UGX 25m in the supplementary budget for FY 2012/13; UGX 25m for its second phase of construction in FY 2013/14; and UGX 55 million for completion of the ward and equipping it in the approved district budget for FY 2014/15).

These PBC members are currently following up with the District Health Officer regarding the completion and stocking of the General ward in accordance with the district budget allocations and the commitments made during budget dialogues and interface meetings. They are also following up on rectification of other service delivery gaps at the health centre including the construction of a maternity ward and pit latrine.

About Participatory Budget Clubs

CSBAG supports 15 Participatory Budget Clubs in districts of Uganda namely: Kibuku, Abim, Agago, Sheema and Kibaale to continuously interface with their leaders to advocate for adoption of pro-poor and gender sensitive budget policies; as well as demanding for improved transparency and accountability.


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